Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Information

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Held during the Primary Election May 8th, 2018

THIS IS NOT A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE, and unlike property taxes, tourists and other non-residents will contribute their fair share of the tax if approved.

• The current sales and use tax (“sales tax”) rate in Washington County is 6.75%. Only a small part​ of these revenues remain locally in Washington County. Counties were authorized in 2007 to levy an additional ¼ cent (00.25%) sales tax on certain items if approved by voter referendum which would make the total sales tax 7%.

All of the additional revenue generated from this tax remains in Washington County, meaning a larger percentage of what is spent in local businesses will remain in Washington County.

• The tax equates to only 1 penny ($0.01) on most 4 dollar ($4.00) purchases, but does not apply to certain categories of commonly purchased items which are exempt including: groceries, gas, prescriptions, and motor vehicles.

• The tax is estimated to generate additional annual revenues of over $177,000 which could be used locally. In comparison, it would require an estimated property tax increase of over two (2) cents to generate this same amount of revenue.

• The voters in at least 31 other counties including Martin, Edgecombe, Halifax, and Hertford have approved this tax to help generate revenues for their various local needs.